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Fujifilm signs a comprehensive joint research and development agreement with Fox Chase Cancer Center of the United States in the field of endoscopy.

เมษายน 30, 2553

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) has announced that it signed a five-year comprehensive joint research and development agreement on endoscopy-related products with one of America's most prominent cancer treatment facilities, Fox Chase Cancer Center (hereinafter “FCCC”) *1.

In recent years, the use of endoscopes has evolved well beyond the simple observation of human tissue and lesions. Today, flexible endoscopes are used for very advanced therapeutic intervention with the gastrointestinal tract, such as hemostasis, removal of gallstones, and treatment of early-stage cancer. In addition to these advances in flexible endoscopes, surgical endoscopes have rapidly developed into a critical tool in the advent of minimally-invasive surgery intended to reduce patient trauma, improve rehabilitation time, and leave minimal scarring. Given these advances in endoscopic technology, the North American market is actively exploring next-generation minimally-invasive treatment methods such as Single Port Surgery (SPS)*2 and Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES®)*3. Since these methods require advanced technologies, expectations are running high for the development of safer and easier-to-use medical equipment.

FCCC is one of the most prominent cancer research and treatment facilities in the United States, and provides exceptional knowledge and expertise in the fields of gastro-intestinal endoscopy and endoscopic surgery. Fujifilm has entered into research and development partnership with FCCC to reinforce its efforts to develop endoscopes and endoscopic tools that meet the needs of clinical frontline in North America. Fujifilm will work to support medical practitioners' basic research in therapeutic endoscopy, SPS and NOTES® as a way of contributing to future product development for the actualization of next-generation options in minimally-invasive treatment.

Fujifilm currently markets a full-line of distinctive endoscopic products, including a trans-nasal gastroscope which is inserted via a patient's nose to reduce the need for sedatives, and Double Balloon Endoscopy™, which is capable of visualization and treatment of the entire small bowel. Under the corporate philosophy of using advanced and proprietary technologies to contribute to improving the quality of life of people, Fujifilm will undertake the global deployment of the Medical Systems business, which includes endoscopy as one of the company's focal growth areas.

  • *1 FCCC is a non-profit medical institution in Pennsylvania, and was formed in the merger of the American Oncologic Hospital and the Institute for Cancer Research in 1974. The Center's president and CEO is Michael V Seiden, M.D., PhD.
  • *2 A surgical technique of performing laparoscopy through a single entry point. Compared to traditional laparoscopy, the number of entry points is reduced to one to achieve minimal invasiveness.
  • *3 A surgical technique of passing an endoscope through a natural orifice (mouth, anus, vagina, etc.), and making internal incision to reach the target area inside body and perform diagnosis / treatment without external incision.


  • NOTES®, NOSCAR®, Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery and Natural Orifice Surgery Consortium for Assessment and Research are registered trademarks of ASGE and SAGES.

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