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Pediatric Imaging

A Digitalization System That Decreases Risk of X-ray Overexposure

Presenting a safe medical environment for neonates and infants

Fujifilm's proprietary FCR technology is used to attain high-resolution images with less X-ray exposure on neonates and infants.

Reduction of medical risks by 30% less X-ray exposure

By combining the Imaging Plate ST-BD with the dual-side reading technology of PROFECT CS or ONE, the emission collection efficiency can be greatly enhanced and the X-ray exposure amount can be reduced by over 30% (compared with other Fujifilm products). As a result, we can present a safe medical environment for neonates and infants who are more prone to radiation than adults.

[Photo] ST-VI


[Photo] ST-BD(30% dose reduced) A clear image

ST-BD(30% dose reduced) A clear image

Using Exposure Data Recognizer (EDR) technology to prevent inferior images

Inferior images are mostly due to insufficient X-ray exposure. Our FCR uses the EDR technology to obtain the optimum density and contrast thus greatly decreasing the number of retakes due to inferior images. As a result of the excellent FCR imaging technology, clear images for easy RDS diagnosis and for easy verification of thin catheter are possible.

[Photo] ST-BD


[Photo] ST-BD(Processing for Catheter)

ST-BD(Processing for Catheter)

A large-size cassette for restless infants minimizes image retaking

Infants tend to move around during X-ray exposure and move outside of the exposure frame. Consequently, we have prepared a large-sized cassette (24 cm x 30 cm) to cope with such a situation thus preventing the image retaking. Unnecessary portions can be cropped on the CR Console and may be output to a film of optimum size.